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Clean zones

Local clean zones (LCZ) are intended to perform retentive and isolating functions in clean rooms of pharmaceutical, microelectronic production facilities, in medical, biological and flavoring industry, in medical institutions, laboratories, and similar facilities where clean rooms of different classes of cleanliness are required in accordance with GOST ISO 14644, Part 1 and OST 42-510-98 under their operation in dry or normal moisture regime and in non-aggressive or slightly aggressive environment. Zoning of clean rooms into small local areas with various classes of cleanliness is a more effective way to reduce costs of equipping production facilities with clean room complexes.

Versions produced: LCZ as a suspended structure, a separate stationary on-wheels design for moving, may be produced according to the customer’s request (design).

The LCZ structure is based on PPM ceiling system, the material of the ceiling system is aluminium with RAL9003 powder coating. The racks are made of cold-rolled steel, powder coated with RAL9003. The walls of LCZ are made of transparent PVC strip curtains.

Filter Fan Units (FFUs) with HEPA/ULPA filters are installed in the ceiling system. LCZ is equipped with an FFU control system and lighting control.

In addition, LCZ may be equipped with a constant air flow control system.

LCZ noise level is 50-52 dB, power supply is 220-240V, 50/60 Hz.

Depending on the technological requirements, the zone area and frame manufacturing options are determined. The frame is made taking into account the size of the clean zone. The height of the clean zone is determined by the technological requirements and the height of the original room. The minimum dimensions in the horizontal plane are 600x1200mm. LCZ consists of filter fan units, racks, ceiling system, PVC curtains, control panel. LCZ allows you to create in the room a clean zone of the necessary dimensions. The required air flow parameters are achieved by selecting operating modes on the remote control panel. LCZ can be equipped with lighting lamps, UV irradiators, a constant flow maintenance system.

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