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Suspended modular ceiling

Suspended ceiling is used in the premises of pharmaceutical, electronic, microbiological and other industries and medical institutions.


Suspended ceiling meets the requirements of standards GOST R ISO 14644-4-2002, GOST R 52249-2004 and SanPiN The suspended ceiling is a structural element of industrial cleanrooms and is used to create a closed space in which the countable concept of aerosol particles can be controlled, and also serves for placing additional equipment.

А modular design with a minimal number of components, which provides greater flexibility in designing, lower installation costs, simplicity of reconstruction and modernization.

The base of the ceiling is a supporting frame consisting of an extruded aluminium profile, the structure of which provides a high load-bearing capacity of the system (along with the structures of other elements of the system). This allows placing ventilation (filter-ventilation modules, supply and exhaust air ducts, etc.), lighting and other necessary equipment directly on the suspended ceiling structure, and organize maintenance zones of equipment located in the plenum of a cleanroom without need to make an additional reinforcing frame. It is allowed for serving personnel to move either directly along the profile beams and the blind panels (if special sandwich panels are used to fill the ceiling) or through a system of footbridges resting directly on it.