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Wall cladding panels

Wall cladding panels are designed for lining the inner existing walls of buildings and non-permanent walls of premises to create clean production facilities.                                                                         


Wall cladding panels are intended for facing internal walls of buildings to create industrial cleanrooms in accordance with the requirements of GOST R ISO 14644-2000 and GMP, as well as to create fire-resistant partitions (in combination with gypsum plasterboard wall systems).      

The main advantages of the system are a small number of seams and absence of covers, while the rigidity and acoustic properties of the lining are retained. The use of racks with clamps in fastening of the panels and additional elements allows for laying the utility communications behind the panels, and also an operative replacement of panels damaged during operation, with minimal costs.                                                               

The wall cladding system consists of panels, edging and covering profile elements, racks with clamps. The panel is a curved galvanized steel sheet 0.7 mm thick, on the front side it is coated with a polymer coating, while a 12.5 mm thick gypsum plasterboard is glued in it from the inside.                                                                        

The standard colour of the system elements is RAL 9002. Depending on the scope of the order, it is possible to manufacture system elements painted in other colours from the RAL catalogue, as well as panels cladded with stainless steel AISI304. In the standard version, the panels are filled with gypsum plasterboard produced by Knauf. At request of the customer the panels with moisture-proof filling (GKLV) or fireproof (GKLO) gypsum board can be made. For premises that are subject to increased fire safety requirements, the panels are filled with Fireboard plates. It is also possible to fabricate panels with X-ray protective properties (filled by plates with barium sulphate additive).                                                                          

Panels are produced with height from 300 to 3000 mm and standard width of 1000 mm. The maximum width of the panel is 1150 mm. It is allowed to install panels in two rows in height.