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Lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures are intended for general lighting of industrial clean rooms in electronic, optical, space industry, machine building and instrument making, production of medicines and cosmetics, food products, in medical institutions, etc.

Lighting fixture identification code

1 Lighting fixture brand
2 Number of fluorescent lamps
3 Nominal power of fluorescent lamps
4 Overall dimensions (length, width), mm
5 Degree of protection of lighting fixtures from environmental impacts
Name Power, W Bulb socket Lamp brand Weight, kg
LVP-4х36-1172х572-IP54 4х36 G13 OSRAM LUMILUX L 36W/840-1 17
LVP-3х36-572х572-IP54 3х36 2G11 OSRAM PULUX L 36W/840 10.5
SVP-LED-90-1172х572-IP54 90 - GL-05/1-18-350HW 11
SVP-LED-45-572х572-IP54 45 - GL-05/1-18-350HW 6.5

Subject to agreement with the customer, it is possible to produce lighting fixtures of other standard sizes and characteristics.